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The story of Drew J .& Allison





In 1986, Memphis attorney Drew J. Canale and his wife Allison abandoned life in the fast lane for the enjoyment of a more peaceful and slow paced existence in the idyllic Southern country-side near Oakland, Tennessee.  Or so they thought.  They started with a little less than 100 acres of soybean field and carved into it 10 pastures, an eight acre lake, a show arena, a 52 stall barn and a lovely home in which to raise their two children, Valarie and Leslie.   Soon thereafter, Drew built his mom,  Helen her own home on the Canale farm,  where she lived with Drew's brother Billy "Hoss" until 2006.

Canale Farms was originally constructed and designed as a full service equestrian facility. Boarding, breeding and raising colts to sell was for the first 10 years the major direction of the farm.  Drew and Ali started with one horse in 1987, and seven years later they had built one of the largest all-breed boarding facilities in the Mid-South, with as many as 72 horses boarded at one time.  Riding lessons and introducing new people to the world of horses was always a major part of the facility and the Canale Farms Riding School continues today, teaching the art of "trail gaiting" with emphasis on trail riding and learning to enjoy the gaited pleasure horse.

In 1992, the couple also began breeding and raising Spotted Saddle horses.  They had four spotted stallions standing at stud at the farm and raised many beautiful foals over the years.  They also hosted many horse shows, horse sales and auctions. At a New Years Eve sale at the farm the Canales' purchased the World Grand Champion "Dirty Harry", who stood at stud at Canale Farms in 1995 and 1996.   Soon the path of Canale Farms took another turn and they began a children's summer camp, hosted children's birthday parties and gave horseback riding lessons to hundreds of Memphians throughout the year.  The Canales soon learned there were many people, young and old, that wanted to enjoy their beautiful ranch and get away from the fast paced city life as they once did.  Searching for a way for Memphians to come and enjoy their ranch and not get burdened with the debt of horse ownership, they formed the "Paddock Club", a trail riding club for individuals who did not wish to own their own horse.  After several good years the venture failed due lack of interest and the expense of feeding the club horses, but the Canales did not give up hope.

In late 1995, after some sound advice from close friend Davy Johnson, they hosted their first company picnic, and it was such a tremendous success. Drew began surfing the internet to find out more about the event business and found hundreds of ranches across the country had shifted their focus from a traditional horse farm to marketing the farm in a way that more people could enjoy it.  Company picnics were a big industry and the Canales thought Memphis would be a great place to try their hand at this business venture.  In early 1996 Drew and Ali began to transform their horse ranch into a one of a kind picnic facility.  The indoor riding arena became the 7200 sq. ft. restaurant-clubhouse and patio with a massive fireplace and 1700 sq. ft. hall for dancing, bingo and as the western cafeteria during the large picnics now held at the ranch.  The response to this new business venture, now called Canale Farms Corporate Events, has been tremendous and in 2001, 65 corporate picnics and family reunions were held at the farm with over 18,000 picnic attendees.   In addition, the farm has recently been nominated for the small business of the year award by the Memphis Business Journal, and it's client list now reads like a who's who in the Memphis business community.  Offering many unique activities to their guests, they invite you to come to the ranch and see for yourself what Allison and Drew have carved out of the countryside, as they follow their dream together, where ever it may lead them!






Our terrific staff is the best around.

Many of our loyal associates have been with us for 20 years or more.

We are so very thankful to them and thier efforts over the years that

have helped make Canale Farms what it is today!







Canale Family in Memphis Tn.

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