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Below is a generic schedule that is our typical operating agenda
for many of the picnics held on the farm today. We can, of course change or add
to this schedule as the coordinator sees fit. This schedule has
evolved after more than a thousand events over the past 25 years and is
a great formula for a successful picnic.


11: am                    Begin event, sign up, employees get door prize tickets. Tractor wagon rides begin.


11:30                       Welcome speech and introduction.


12:00 - 2:00           Lunch, Barbecue line opens, all you can eat buffet.  No take homes please.


1: 00 - 4:00            Pony rides, Tractor wagon rides, Giant slide, moonwalks, Rock wall, Bull rides.


1: 00 - 3:00            Face Painter and or Balloon artist set up in paddock club bar room or on patio.


1:00                        Company picnic picture in center ring. Pictures for sale at the front desk.


1:15 - 3:00              Games in center ring.  Football Toss, Big foot, Hippity Hop, High striker, Basket ball free

                               throw game, Canale Farms T-shirts awarded to game winners.


1:00 - 4:00             Pontoon boat rides/and or one organized company wide game, ie; Softball, Volleyball,


3:15                         BINGO on under pavilion. (Everyone is asked to come back to the pavilion for Bingo)


4:oo                        Grand prize drawing. We recommend a "must be present to win". Name the prizes on the 



4:00                        Family day ends





1. BOOK EARLY.  No matter where you host your event, it is most important to book early (pay deposit) and get
a good date, build excitement for the event, have time to plan and of course get the word out and determine who and how many people will attend your picnic.


2. Planning Form. 60 days before your event Canale Farms will mail you our planning form listing all times and options for your picnic. Based on the planning form, we will mail you, free of charge, full color posters and maps to post in your break room and other prominent places. PLEASE PUT UP POSTERS as soon as you receive them.

A great idea used by our customer Enterprise Holdings was to make a website just for the picnic allowing folks to sign up and promote the company picnic in a great way, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. And best of all, it's free when you use wibbley or wix, and you can put up as many pictures or videos of the picnic as you want.


3. Get the word out. Put up posters & maps, send emails with maps, wear picnic shirts, put invitations in the payroll to employees.


4.  Determine attendance. All caters will require a guaranteed number of attendees, just like a wedding.
The biggest mistake you can make as a coordinator is to foul up attendance, either booking for too many
or worse, booking for too few.  If you are unsure about attendance please call us we can help make sure you don't over book, we have 25 years experience in hosting company picnics and we will do everything we can to make your picnic as successful as possible.


5. Buy door & Bingo prizes  Get your door prizes and bingo prizes bought and behind you atleast a week before the event. Many times vendors that your company uses during the year will be glad to donate items or gift certificates to your picnic, just ask.  We recommend about 24 bingo prizes and 3 to 5 big door prizes to be given away at the end of the picnic.  DO NOT FORGET TO TELL EVERYONE AND POST EVERYWHERE YOUR BIG DOOR PRIZES!  Door prizes are to help attendance and if your employees don't know about them, they are not going to help.


6. Paying for the picnic. Get your picnic approved early and have accounting cut the check and bring it with you to the event. Overages will be billed to you, but you want to get as close to actual attendance as possible.

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