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  1. Call or email us to make sure we have the date you want.
  2. Fill out the enclosed reservation form and along with your $1250 deposit mail to Canale Farms to secure your picnic date.
  3. 45 days before your picnic, we will mail to you our planning form to help plan your picnic and we will contact all necessary vendors and make all food orders to prepare for you picnic.
  4. Based on the planning form, we will send you picnic posters and maps 30 days before your picnic, we can send these sooner upon your request.
  5. After posting your maps and posters you will have approximently 3 weeks to have your employees sign up to attend the picnic.
  6. On the Monday before your picnic we will call you and get your guarenteed number of attendees and fax your final bill to you that day so you can bring your check on the morning of the picnic.
  7. We will assist you on the day of the picnic to unload all prizes and giveaways and put up any banners or other notices your require.

Booking with us is easy, just follow the steps below!

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Online reservations


To secure your picnic and have us start planning the event please fill out the form to the left and you will here from us soon. 

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