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What makes Canale Farms unique?


We have a new and different idea for corporate events in the Mid-South.  For years corporations in Memphis took their employees to the local amusement park or gave them tickets to a local game.  Some Companies used the local State park for their corporate events,  but many found that this was too much work to ask Human resources to do and many dropped the annual event altogether.  The Canale Farms concept is different. Our business model has evolved into one simple concept: to host full service old fashion corporate picnics, handle all of the planning and logistics, bring the employees together with old fashion games and activities and provide full service in house catering on our beautiful private ranch.  The idea is to make it simple and easy for the picnic planner who has traditionally been on the hot seat to deliver a great corporate event year after year.  Our picnics are one stop shopping and worry free. We plan the entire event for you, the coordinator, we know your time is valuable and limited. We will meet at your convenience to discuss all details, send posters to help you promote the event, and make sure everything is ordered and delivered on time and ready for the event.  Over the past 20 years we have hosted over 1000 large corporate events and we will do everything we can to make sure your picnic is a success, all for one check, one deposit.  When you compare all we have to offer, in addition to the time and worry we save the coordinator, you will soon realize that CF is a great bargain in corporate entertainment, especially considering that most of the corporate events held here are 100% tax deductable. We urge our clients to call us at anytime to help plan and discuss their event.  We will make sure all vendors are paid and every detail of your picnic is handled in a prompt and professional manner.

This is our promise.


This idea is gaining strength.  We have had several companies from other large cities come to us for advice seeking to copy the concept that we came up with 25 years ago.  We are currently booking about 6 to 8 months in advance for our entire season, which last from April though October.



We are unique because:

  1. We host only one event per day.  There are very few facilities that only host one event per day, it makes for a very private event with no walk ups or unintended guests. Everyone on the farm is part of your team!

  2. We handle all of the catering.  This allows us to serve and control all of the food quality and service time for one low price.  We can start or delay the food service at the coordinators request and we pride ourselves in serving all you can eat menus. 

  3. We do all the work for you.  From planning and promoting the event to catering and cleanup, we do it all.  We have put together a great motivated staff, many have worked for us for over 20 years to provide to our corporate customers the best service anywhere.

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